Fresh Pasta and Easy Pesto

PASTA, NOODLES, AND DUMPLINGS One of the simplest preparations of cereal flour gave us one of the most popular foods in the world: pasta. The word is Italian for “paste” or “dough,”and pasta is nothing more than wheat flour and water combined to make a clay-like mass, formed into small pieces, and boiled in waterContinue reading “Fresh Pasta and Easy Pesto”

Filo/Puff Custard Tarts

Portugese Custard tarts. The pastéis de nata were created before the 18th century by Catholic monks at the Hieronymites Monastery (Portuguese: Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) in the civil parish of Saint Mary of Bethlehem, in Lisbon.[2] At the time, convents and monasteries used large quantities of egg-whites for starching clothes, such as friars and nuns’ religious habits. It was quite common for monasteries and convents toContinue reading “Filo/Puff Custard Tarts”